A list of questions, along with other information about how to build employer relationships is in the practitioner manual, IPS Supported Employment: A Practical Guide (see our Resource page if you do not own a manual). Another resource is videos of employer meetings. To find those videos, go to Information for Programs.

We encourage employment specialists to prepare for meetings with employers by learning a little bit about the company and selecting questions to start the conversation with an employer.  Be sure to avoid asking about job openings or talking at length about your program. The purpose of this conversation is to learn more about the employer.  Instead, focus on understanding the type of job applicant the employer would like to meet.  Sample questions might be, “What type of person tends to be successful here?” “When you are interviewing candidates, how do you know if someone is a good fit for your business?” “What positions do you have that I might not know about?” “What do people enjoy about the ___ position?” “What have been challenges for people in the ___ position?” “What is a typical day like for a worker in the ___ position?” Employment specialists can return a day or two later to say, “I have had time to consider your need for workers who have good customer service skills and who are available to work on Sundays.  I think I do know someone who matches that description.  Would you like to hear a little bit about her?”